Lili and Ben provide creative and technical solutions by offering options, meeting deadlines, having an eye for detail, choosing the right fonts, following direction, matching colors, building websites, maintaining budgets, never being closed, and always being there for you.


Lili and Ben began in our New York City studio apartment. As assistant art director for a major media company, Lili’s design work had appeared in Time, People, and The New York Times. As director of technology for a market research firm in Soho, Ben managed both internal and external clients. Our first projects together were for start-up businesses, but small clients led to bigger ones and soon we were creating multimedia presentations, books based on tv shows, and invitations for black-tie galas.

After entering a new phase both personally and professionally, we decided to pack up our lives and move to upstate New York where we would have more space to grow our family and our business. Since relocating, our work has increased to include projects for hospitals, bestselling authors, museums, non-profit organizations, and public television. We are thrilled to continue working for our original clients and always welcome making new connections. Working into the wee hours, fueled by caffeine and a studio soundtrack of Disclosure and Stevie Wonder, we are inspired by each and every client. Inspire us!


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